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Industrial Electronics Repair

Multi Perspectives FD, Inc. stands out thanks to an exceptional industrial electronics repair division. Our team is specialized, to meet your needs when it comes to repairing variable-frequency drives (AC/DC), programmable logic controllers, power supply units, encoders, and other electrical or electronic components. We believe your projects deserve our full attention and deserve to be carried out by professionals.

  • Our experience, backed by a qualified team, ensures that you will keep costs down and meet preestablished deadlines.
  • Our expertise, as well as our safe and efficient way of doing things, allow you to focus on your own projects, with peace of mind throughout the work.
  • To get a free estimate for the cost of repairs, please contact us.

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Our Services

Electronics Repair

Our electronics repair service is fast and unparalleled. We repair variable-frequency drives (AC/DC), programmable logic controllers, touch screens, electronic boards, and much more.

Replacement Parts

We have a full inventory of new and refurbished parts. When you come to us, if we can’t fix a part, there will always be a quick alternative.

Electrical Panels

At MultiPerspectives FD, inc. you can trust us to start up and maintain your electrical panels.

Hiring Temporary Workers

You can, at any time, hire our people to do your work. We have electromechanics, as well as instrumentation and control technicians.

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